$8 Growlers On Taproom Beers

We’ve got some good news to start the week. Once again, we’re offering ALL of our taproom beers for sale in growlers! So, treat yourself to an $8 growler refill (Insight growlers only). If you aren’t familiar with our growler program, then here are the details.

Step 1: Purchase a growler at full price + glass deposit of $5 (beer price varies by brand).

Step 2: Stop by the following Monday and return your empty growler for a full one of your choice.

– Can I exchange my empty growler from another brewery?
No, we don’t do that any longer. What we will do is set you up for indefinite $8 growlers of fresh beer by selling you your first at full price + glass deposit. From that moment onward, you’re good to go. Easy peasy. Lemon-squeezy.

– Which beers are part of the program? All of them unless noted otherwise. And speaking of otherwise, the only beers you cannot get for $8 as of today are Crazy Aunt (almost gone), Rowdy Uncle (almost gone), Sour Doe Eyes, or anything nitro. (However, yes, you can get regular Doe Eyes in growlers.) Check out what’s on tap by visiting our website. https://www.insightbrewing.com/beers/on-tap/

Cheers! 🍻