A Trip Around the Sun: 5th Anniversary Party & Bottle Release

One score and five years ago we opened our brewery, and we kinda feel like celebrating. We’ve even settled on a theme: Our 5th Annual Trip Around the Sun. (Don’t worry, you don’t have to get us a paper gift.)


$8 Growlers: Every Monday On Taproom Beers

We’ve got some good news to start the week. Once again, we’re offering ALL of our taproom beers for sale in growlers (just a few exceptions, read more)! So, treat yourself to an $8 growler refill (Insight growlers only). If you aren’t familiar with our growler program, then here are the details.



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Friendly Faces & New Taproom Only Beers

There’s more reason than the beer to stop by the taproom. Case in point. Who wouldn’t want to enjoy a beer with Joey and…Brewlander? But enough about them, back to the beer. Three more will be available in the taproom beginning today (Thurs 9/19) in the taproom. We might be biased, but we suggest you stop by, treat yourself, and enjoy all three. Pictured from left to right: Oktoberfest, Devil’s Companion, and Strawberry Old One-Eye.



My Dear Doe Eyes vs. Pucker Up Doe Eyes Sour

Do you like Doe Eyes? How about Sour Doe Eyes? If so, you’re in luck. We’re releasing both Doe Eyes and Sour Doe Eyes this year. Together. As our ‘versus’ series.




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