About Us

“For Every Journey, a Story. For Every Story, a Beer. For Every Beer, a Toast to the Journeys Yet to Come.”

Upon returning from Beervana, I realized I had collected more than just a bevy of brews along my journey. The quest for each potent potable had also tracked in the narrative detritus that makes for a truly epic tale. Thrilling adventures. Captivating characters. Heartbreaking dwarven romances.

But before I could tell this tale, I would need to establish something I had not had in years–a home. I would need women and men with stout hands and hearty hearts. I would need the various apparatus required to continue my experiments. In short, I would need a brewery.

I found myself back home in the Twin Cities, where such things are found, and in short time my Minneapolis Brewery was up and running. Having created Insight Brewing, I finally sat down to write, and soon grew thirsty…


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